Calling all creatives!

We’re looking for teachers to teach at our Studio + Classroom in Savannah, GA.

Our mission is to make the Savannah creative scene even more accessible for downtown Savannah and the Starland District.

We’re looking for artists, designers, and makers who are interested in teaching short two-hour creative workshops (can be multi-session) at our Savannah Shop, Studio + Classroom located at 2420 Desoto Ave. Classes can include any type of creative project not just fine art (think jewelry making, diy, printmaking, natural dye, floral design, watercolor, etc.). Teaching experience is not required, but you will need to create an outline of a lesson plan and submit a materials list for approval. We’d love to have you teach multiple classes throughout the year, but if you just want to test the waters with one class, that’s ok too! It will be a great way to promote your brand, make a little extra money, fill out the resume, connect with followers, and/or maybe make a friend or two. We'll be paying teachers per session and will manage the signups, materials, marketing, organization, setup, etc. Teachers will need to come up with a lesson plan; provide us with a materials list, a short bio, a couple project-related photos and short description of the project for marketing; create any classroom guides, handouts, or examples for the class; and help us promote it on social media.

We can’t wait to see what type of class offerings you come up with!

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