It Started with One Woman - One Print at a Time

Forest and Fin was born out of my love for art and the environment. I currently offer environmentally inspired hand-drawn designs; screenprinted apparel (mainly t-shirts) and home goods; and art all of which are created with sustainability in mind. Since it's creation three years ago, Forest and Fin has been a company of one. I draw and screenprint each nature-inspired design myself by hand. Each print starts out in a sketchbook before it gets broken down into a one-to-two color design that is burned onto a screen and then printed onto paper, wood, tshirts, tea towels, bags, and other items - but mostly tshirts. The designs are inspired by environmental elements (plants and animals), printed with water-based non-toxic inks on 100% cotton products, and packaged using recycled, reusable or biodegradable natural materials.